Sand Art - Ukraine's Got More Talent than Britain. Apparently.

unbelievable to think that something this beautiful could win a TV talent show.

Really moving work of evolving art. Incredible mash-up - I wasn't even aware of the artistic discipline before watching this.


Really interesting use of music too, including the Apocalyptica version of 'Nothing Else Matters' by Metallica. Great choice.

Starlight Casts No Shadow - Neil Alexander And Nail

OK, tell me this fab tune doesn't remind you of the theme tune to the TV version of Hitch-hikers Guide To the Galaxy? :) 

Been listening to loads of Neil Alexander's music of late - he's @nailmusic on twitter, and he's fab. Check him out -">Starlight Casts No Shadow by Neil Alexander & NAIL">Starlight Casts No Shadow by Neil Alexander & NAIL

Lessons Learnt From An Aged Feline

This was an album that came free with the first 100 CD orders of Not Dancing For Chicken, 7 years ago... it's been available on for a while, but at pretty low resolution...

here's the high res version, for streaming or download - enjoy! 

Any Raw Flesh by Yogi

Yogi is Shawn Farley, (@shawnfarley on twitter) and when he made this record was clearly all about the King's X influence. 

No bad thing, as he takes that influence and makes it his own. I'd not listened to this for quite a while, and coming back to it, it's still a great sounding record. 

Well worth £2.50 (or how ever much more you want to give him) of anyone's money - have a listen, then buy it, or not... (and for you bass monkeys, it's got the awesome Bryan Beller on bass - reason enough for some spends...) 

Gustaf Fjelstrom - Metamesmeric

I've know Gus for years, and been a fan of his bass playing for as long as I've known him. However, Metamesmeric is probably my favourite music I've ever heard from him - it's all solo layers electric cello - heavily processed, it's big spacey ambient goodness. Beautifully recorded, it's a real treat for ambient/space-rock/chill-out/post rock fans. 

Here you go, have a listen and download it direct from here:">Cloudlift by Gustaf Fjelstrom">Cloudlift by Gustaf Fjelstrom

feel free to share the link around (Bandcamp lets you embed any of the albums on there anywhere..)

Miriam Jones gig

Went to see Miriam Jones play last night. Quite often, if she's playing, I'm on bass. I'm equally happy just getting to listen to her and Jez play her awesome songs without my low frequency support. 

Wonderful stuff. Here's here last EP, which I played on: