Miriam Jones - Solitary Songs

I've written a lot about Miriam Jones in the past. I even played on one of her albums. She's married to Jez Carr, with whom I made 'Conversations' in 2002. 

She's amazing - I've just started listening to a pre-release copy of her forthcoming album, which won't be out for a little while (I think), but a lot of the songs are band versions of the songs she did as her 'Solitary Songs' project last year - one song a month, writing, playing and recording it all on her own. 

These are some truly great songs. Helicopter is one of the best things I've heard in years. Most songwriters would kill to write one song that good. The rest of the album is remarkable too. 

So go and buy this now, and get to know the songs before the new one appears,  and you get to enjoy them all over again with a rocking band behind them...

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