Hope And Social - April

Heres' a record I've been listening to a lot of lately. I first came across Hope And Social via their guitar player Rich Huxley (AKA Cliff Huxtable/@thehuxcapacitor) who I met through UnConvention in Salford. After a while I had a listen to his band, and on first listen to that album (the one before this) thought it was nice, well made indie rock... Over time, as I revisited the album and my knowledge of the band grew, the music also grew on me. A lot. I dug it. I heard subtle things in there. I love that it's pretty anthemic without falling into any of the banality of music written for stadiums. It's more Hothouse Flowers than it is U2... 

Then this new album came out - it's even richer and more diverse than the earlier stuff and the story around what the band are up to gets more exciting and hilarious with every weird gig they organise. 

Read more about them at http://hopeandsocial.com 

And check out the album - it's 'pay what you think it's worth' - but as you can't afford that, just give 'em ten quid, and know you got a bargain ;) 

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